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VC99s Scholarships

Milestone Awards for Female Student Pilots Flying, Living or Working out of Ventura County

The Ventura County Ninety-Nines are pleased to offer up to (2) Student Pilot Milestone Awards up to $3,000 each. These awards are available to motivated female student pilots over the age of 17 who are living/working in Ventura Country or training at any Ventura County airport (CMA, OXR, SZP or NTD). The applicant must have least 6 flight hours within the last ninety days (2 hours may be in an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) or Flight Training Device (FTD) appropriate to the rating sought with CFI logbook entry). The awards are not based on financial need. The student must be able to have the financial means to complete her training without the scholarship. Financial distributions are awarded incrementally as the student completes various “milestones” of her training. Payments of the scholarship are applied directly to the student pilot’s flight school account.

Applications are made available at local flight schools in Ventura County, and on this website. Deadlines are May 15th and November 15th.

For additional information and to download the Milestone Awards application, Click Here
​The Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

The Ninety-Nines are accepting applications for the $3,000 Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship to provide a young woman (age 16-20 at any time during the 2018 calendar year) with financial support for flight training through her first solo and beyond. The scholarship will be awarded at the Aviation Appreciation Dinner at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh on July 24, 2018, Applications must be received by July 1, 2018. Proof of financial need and financial information is not required. Additional information about how to apply for the scholarship and a scholarship flyer can be found at Some of our strongest applications come from high school juniors and seniors. The scholarship was established in 2013 by the Ventura County 99s in memory of their chapter chair who perished while flying frost patrol in Delano.
Karen Johnson Advanced Milestone Award for Female Pilots in Ventura County

Have you thought about getting an advanced rating? Your IFR? Maybe a Commercial or CFI rating? ATP? This is an opportunity to get started! The VC99s are thrilled to be offering and advanced scholarship! This award, up to $3,000, is available to motivated female pilots training for an advanced rating at any Ventura County airport (CMA, OXR, SZP or NTD). You do not need to be a Ninety-Nine to apply. The scholarship is awarded incrementally as the pilot completes various “milestones” in her training, such as passing the written exam, long cross country, etc. The fall deadline is November 15th. Apply today! 

For additional information and to download the Advanced Award Application, Click Here

International 99s Scholarships
Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships

The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in 1940, is The Ninety-Nines' premier scholarship program for deserving 99s members to complete advanced training and education in aviation and aerospace. 

This fund provides:

• Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for licensed pilot members to advance in training and education in aviation and aerospace, including scholarships to complete additional pilot certificates and ratings, jet type ratings, college degrees or certificates, technical training, and an Emergency Maneuver Training course which honors the memory of Vicki Cruse.
• Research Scholar Grants to add to the world’s knowledge of women in aviation and aerospace.
• The FLY NOW Award is a progressive award given to Associate (student pilot) members with a need for financial assistance to become licensed pilots. The award provides financial assistance toward completion of the initial pilot certificate, or non-U.S. equivalent, in any aircraft.

For applications & more information: Click Here
Scholarship for new Pilots

The FLY NOW Award is a progressive award given to Associate (student pilot) members with a need for financial assistance to become licensed pilots. The award provides financial assistance toward completion of the initial pilot certificate, or non-U.S. equivalent, in any aircraft. For additional information and application: Click Here
Southwest Section Scholarships Page

For other scholarships, check out the Southwest Section Scholarship page. Click Here
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The International Ninety-Nines Scholarship Page

Other Section and Chapter Scholarships

Other Southern California Aviation Scholarships


Scholarship Resources
Ceci's Top Ten Tips for writing a Scholarship Essay

Tips for Fly Now Scholarship

Advanced Scholarship Winners
2017 - Yolanda Langley 
2015 - Michelle Carter
Endorsement Challenge Winner
2017 - Lisa Fusano
2016 - Susan Bell, Linda Ehrlich
2015 - Michelle Carter
2014 - Mignon Gery
2012 - Luci Galgano
2011 - Heather Condon
2010 - Karen Johnson

Congratulations to all of our Scholarship Winners
Student Pilot
2017 - Winter: Sierra Garlinger, Carly Shukair
2017 - Summer: Luz Schaible
2016 - Winter: Mindy Nye, Mayra Montesinos
2016 - Summer: Amanda Dickenson
2015- Winter: Elspeth Craig
2015 - Summer: Katherine Bars, Pamela Huerta
2014 - Winter: Elaine Eddy, Diane Grizard, Kaylee Jeffries
2013 - Winter: Stacy Wilson 
2013 - Summer: Zabrina Janda, Dale Sumersille
2012 - Winter: Mignon Gery, Maggie Smith
2012 - Summer: Michelle Hynds, Jocelyn Myers
2011- Winter: Sharon Vincent, Rhonda Tarli, Deborah Downey
2011 - Summer: Kelly Decker
2010 - Winter: Yolanda Langley, Jessica Strachen
2010 - Summer: Sharon Vincent, Michelle Millea, Terry Piper
2009 - Winter: Susie Connell, Leni Maherbe
2009 - Summer: Mahnaz Ahmadian
2008 - Winter: Julie Merrick, Mini Zabala, Avril Roy Smith
2008 - Summer: Bridget Gankas, Brittney Johnson
2007- Winter: Kelsey Krigstein, Jodi Lopez, Sheila Collier
2007- Summer: Janet Barr
2006 - Winter: Melissa Chennault, Lindsey Bell, Lucia Galgano
2006 - Summer: Deborah Rheuban
2005 - Winter: Jessica Goulet, Vicki Newton
2005 - Summer: Lorinda Forrest, Michelle Thompson
2004 - Winter: Chris Brotski
2004 - Summer: Judy McCarthy, Linda Ehrlich
2003 - Winter: Sandra Stone
2003 - Summer: Susan Comer
2002 - Winter: Lori Parker
2002 - Summer: Linda Kocisko
2001 - Winter: Courtney Samojen
2000 - Winter: Aleta Buckelew, Wendy Lee Kennedy, Christine (Johensen) Sztukowski, 
           Bettina Jensen, Lou Ann Poe
1999 - Winter: Angelee Conroy, Darla Haynes, Jenny Shade, Candace McDaniel
1998 - Winter: Tamara Frykholm, Susan Liebeler
1997 - Winter: Kim Bowersox, Kris Dawson, Becca Dustman
1995-1996 – No scholarships given
1994 - March: Linda Rae Martin (1st Scholarship Winner)
Chapter 49 1/2's
  2017 - Jeff Geary & Luis Beltran
  2016 - Frank Gamble
  2015 - Rodger Parker
  2014 - Rick Fleck
  2013 - Paul Mosier
  2010 - Dennis Renzelman
  2007 - Bob Nauman & Mike McCollum
  2006 - Ken Coolidge & Bill Barker
  2005 - Art Phillips & Jack Vautin 

2016 - Alison Barker
2015 - Sunni Gibbons
2015 - Maureen Kenney
Get Back in the Air Winners